When Stephanie reached out to me to take her maternity photos I was so excited! I had taken photos of her and her daughter Penelope, two years prior and just fell in love with them.


Penelope was so happy to talk about her baby sister. She’s such a kind and sweet girl, when I asked if she would be helping take care of her sister she said “Of course!”

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You would never be able to tell how unpleasant walking through this tall grass was from the looks of these photos. Poor Penelope got a tiny cut from a branch, I got a thorn in the heel of my foot and everyone was getting poked by spiky grass.



This family was a dream to photograph and I’m so happy to see Stephanie & Brian’s family growing. They plan to tie the knot sometime soon and I know she’s going to make the absolute perfect bride. Check out the rest of my favorites from their session below! (It was SO hard to pick just a few.)

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