I typically shoot most of my maternity sessions out in gardens and fields with glammed-up mamas, in dresses that float in the wind. This lifestyle home maternity session was so far from that in all the best ways.

Jackie & John have the cutest home that’s nestled on a cozy quiet street. Once I arrived I was immediately welcomed with warm greetings, we spoke about the house, the excitement about the baby and I learned Jackie is a nurse and John is a Firefighter. A selfless pair coming together to make a family, be still my heart!


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I gushed over all the little details of the nursery, the only thing I regretfully didn’t capture was this adorable picture frame on the dresser that read “The Hippleheusers.” The animated photo was of Jackie, John, baby Everly & their English Mastiff pup. You can catch a tiny glimpse of it below!


I come to most of my sessions with the intent of making my couple laugh, this time Jackie took center stage and had me cracking up the entire time. There were no serious moments and I loved that!

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There was something about being in this intimate, quiet space that Jackie had set up for her and her daughter to bond in, that made me feel so warm and comforted. The playful love shared between Jackie & John was also the sweetest to photograph.


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What other creative ways can you document your pregnancy? I’d love to hear how you did your maternity sessions if they weren’t done in a traditional setting!

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